- 1935 20/25HP Rolls-Royce “Lady Grey” -


Lady Grey is a 20/25 Rolls-Royce with original striking airline coupe coachwork. This coachwork was designed by Barker & Co. and carries beautiful sweeping lines for the boot and running boards. The bonnet is three inches longer than standard, with continuous louvres. A stunning new crimson leather interior of high quality has recently been fitted, which compliments the grey exterior. This special interior also includes a chromium plated dashboard.

Lady Grey comes with a well-documented history, including the original coachbuilder photograph and chassis build cards. In 1934 it was sold directly to Shackman at Barker & Co., who were based in Notting Hill. Shackman received the car in February 1935, at which point it cost £859.17. The chassis build cards record that GLG 25 was designed for ‘town and touring’, with seventy five percent of its time to be spent on the Continent. The car was initially provided with a special long “F” steering column and a petrol tank with special filter. The car was tested for speed at the customer’s insistence, and reached 122lbs of max torque at 1250 r.p.m.

In May 1935 Lady Grey was shipped to Calais per the intermediary of the Royal Automobile Club. In later years it was owned by the prestigious car collector Sir James Cayzer in Scotland.

GLG 25 has undergone work to make the engine run better, and now performs very quietly. Lady Grey makes an ideal touring car.